The rolex submariner blue replica

If Rolex had only ever made one model of replica watch, chances are they still would have had one of the strongest reputations of any manufacturer, so long as that model had been the Submariner replica.

Since its release in 1954, it has become an emblem of the brand and of horology in general—an authentic icon of design and one emulated by practically every other watchmaker at one point or another. It also holds the distinction as the most counterfeited watch in the world—there are now more fakes on the market than the real thing.

During its six decades at the top, it has undergone a myriad of changes and upgrades and been made available in a host of different metals and color schemes. While still one of the most accomplished dive watches around, its true rarity value, and the reason for its meteoric rise in status, has been its versatility. A Sub can be worn with anything, and is such a recognizable symbol of good taste, it can get you in anywhere.

The 80’s saw the Sub’s first foray into the blue, a striking two-tone Rolesor example that matched a steel and yellow gold case with a contrasting blue dial and bezel. Spurred on by the success of this earliest divergence from the traditional monotone face, Rolex has gone onto release a number of versions in a variety of combinations.

Below, we’ll take a look at the brand’s color-enhanced models of an all time classic.

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Rolex Replica Submariner In Real Life

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