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What Are the Most Expensive Cartier Replica Watches?

Cartier Replica Watches Can Get Expensive

Cartier Replica Watches Can Get Highly Expensive

When you think Cartier replica watches one tends to automatically correlate them with extremely cheap prices. While the real Cartiers prices will start you off at $7,000, one expects fake Cartiers to be sold for around $199-$250. Sure I’m talking about the Japanese movement models, as Swiss counterparts tend to be more on the expensive side.

But how much more expensive? One might think $400-$500 right? Well let me tell you that in my quests for finding the best replica Cartier site out there, I have stumbled upon many that sell pretty expensive products. Surely you won’t end up paying 10k, but people who purchase replica watches don’t really want to spend a whole lot in the first place.

So I will devote this article to showing you some of the most costly Cartier replica watches that I have ever stumbled upon online during my crusades for finding high quality fake replica watches.

For example, one of my favorite replica makers, perfectwatches offers the Swiss Cartier Santos Galbee with a stainless steel bracelet for a whopping $780. The Cartier Santos Rose Gold bezel with diamonds comes at number two with a price tag of $740.

Sure all these models are Swiss quality, so it shouldn’t be really a great shock. As for Japanese models, the Cartier Luxury Skeleton Watch is offered for $415.

Other website I’ve dealt with in the past and got decent replica models include which sells a Cartier Roadster Chronograph for $706, also with a Swiss movement keeping things alive and kicking. is a controversial website that tends to sell pretty expensive fake watches. However they do post some compelling photos on their page, so it’s not easily not to be intrigued by their offer to say the least.

Most of their Cartier replica watches revolve around the $600-$700 price margin, but if we are to take the pictures provided by the website as genuine, their products seem to be very qualitative. I haven’t ordered yet from this website, but I you did or have had some sort of experience with the website, please let me know in the comment section. is also home to a very expensive Cartier replica. It’s the Santos 100 full diamonds and 18K yellow gold leather strap that sells for $554. Things become a bit puzzling when trying to discern which movement does this watch take advantage of.

The listing claims to watch takes advantage of a “reliable automatic self-win movement” – whatever that means exactly, we’re left to guess all by ourselves. Judging by the price I’d guess we’re talking about a Swiss replica, but I wouldn’t vouch for it.

So as you can see there are a few fake Cartiers out there who will cost you a pretty penny. As you probably know by now Swiss models are better quality than Japanese ones, so maybe investing in a more expensive model isn’t such a bad idea after all.

What I do know is that finding the best replica Cartier site is not an easy task and it requires time and commitment. So if you want to jump on the Cartier replica watches bandwagon but don’t have time to do some research to make sure you know what you are purchasing, than you should probably put off the endeavor for a little while.

Celeb Replica Watch Trends: Supermodel Edition


supermodels,luxury,replica,watchesWe have no doubts that supermodels work hard, but we also believe they have it really easy. Not only are they rich and famous, but they’re also highly sought after by the rest of the world’s rich and famous. Everyone from billionaires to movie stars to political leaders warmly welcome them into their homes, parties, businesses, and (if they’re lucky) beds. These lovely ladies might not have it all, but they have access to almost anything they want. So, who better to look to for the latest and most luxurious replica watches than the cat walking elite? Click through to explore Celeb Replica Watch Trends – the Supermodel Edition.

We don’t know about you, but the word “supermodel” is synonymous with only one name to us, and it’s Cindy Crawford’s. That’s why we’re looking to her, one of the original supermodels, first. Here, Cindy wears a diamond studded replica Omega watch – the Lady Deville.cindy crawford,omega,lady deville,replica,watch



Whether she’s sporting a pouty look or a silly face, Christie Brinkley is always incredibly beautiful. She also has famously fantastic fashion sense. That’s why we’re looking to her next. She’s wearing an amazingly popular swiss replica rolex watch – the Rolex Daytona.christie brinkley,supermodel,replica,watch,daytona,rolex



Adriana Lima is perhaps the world’s sexiest super model. We’ve already told you about how she likes to seduce with replica IWC watches. But, did you also know she’s a proud best Cartier replica watch owner? Here she is in her precious Cartier Ballon Bleu replica.adriana lima,replica,cartier,watches,ballon bleu


Cartier Santos-Dumont Replica Watch – Review

It’s been way to long since I’ve got my hands on one of these Cartier replica watches so I’m glad I got the chance to make this video review today. It’s also the first Cartier Santos fake watch I review on my blog so that’s a good addition to all my fake watches video reviews too.

Not your average replica Cartier Santos though as this is one of the simplest and cleanest versions out there. Don’t get fooled though as this baby goes for about $19k as an original so that’s a pretty damn hefty price in my book.

Cartier Santos-Dumont replica watch

Cartier Santos-Dumont replica watch

As I said it’s as simple as they get. Just the hour and minute hand present on the white dial. They’re Cartier blue as you’ll see in the video. Fully brushed stainless steel case. Small-medium size I’d say, remember that I have a small wrist. The single mismatch here is that Cartier is marked at 10 o’clock on the Roman numeral X when on the original it’s at 7 o’clock on the Roman numeral VII.

In case you missed out on that small detail that I wonder how many people actually know now you know. It’s a good weight despite it being not bulky watch. I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s not light, as I know many of you are always wondering about the weight specially on pieces like this one. It’s powered by a Japanese Quartz (battery run) movement and the original is powered by an automatic movement but since neither have a seconds hand there’s no way you can tell the difference.

Back case has good Cartier Santos engravings so the whole case looks good. I like how the leather strap fits-in with the case and it has such a natural grip on the hand. It closes in a simple Cartier clasp so it all looks good. The leather strap feels really good and it’s good quality. It’s like a new good quality if you know what I mean. Feels like the replica watches world has some good surprises every now and then. Check out the video and let me know how you like this piece.

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