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A 1961 Rolex Pre-Daytona Replica Reference 6234, A 1974 Patek Philippe Reference Replica 3599, And A 1950s Eberhard Extra-Fort in Rose Gold

If you are in New York, you are likely suffering from seasonal confusion. This rain has got us down and what better way to lighten the mood than with a great selection of vintage replica watches! This week we have a wide selection of watches that range from the conservative to the funky, from Rolex to Piaget, and from dressy to casual. Don’t worry, no matter your taste, we got you.

1955 Rolex Replica Precision Ref. 8952

You may not equate Rolex with dress replica watches (with the exception of the modern Cellini), but back in the day they made some nice watches for fancier affairs. Dating back to 1955, this beauty features a well-made yellow gold case with beautiful detailing. The case is further complimented by a warm honeycomb dial, something that we particularly love, especially in a dress watch like this one. Add central seconds and a manually-wound movement, and you’ve got a killer watch. Read more about it here. Read More

Sergio Garcia, Omega Replica Watch Brand Ambassador, Wins The Masters


It was a fight to the finish, a “sudden death” moment on the famed Augusta, Georgia, Masters Tournament. Even though Matt Kuchar hit a hole in one that wowed the crowd, it was not enough to put him on top. At the end, it was down to a tight battle between Sergio Garcia and Justin Rose. At just after 7:30 pm, Garcia sank the ball and came out on top winning The Masters Tournament.

Garcia is  a brand ambassador for Omega replica watches, and for those who know golfer watch brand ambassadors, this was a nail-biter, as Justin Rose is a brand ambassador for Hublot. Not only was it golf star against golf star, but also it was Omega against Hublot.  Additionally, the final afternoon of the famed Masters also saw some close play between other star golfers who are also watch brand ambassadors, including Adam Scott  and Rickie Fowler, both of whom are brand ambassadors for Rolex Replica.

The Masters Tournament, simply referred to as The Masters, is one of the four major championships in men’s golf. It is held every year (since 1933) at the Augusta National Golf Club, a privately owned club in Georgia. The invitational event has a number of important traditions, but easily one of the most recognized is the green jacket.

Since 1949, a green blazer has been given to the champion. He must return it to the clubhouse one year after his victory (even though it is still his property) so that it remains with the other champions’ jackets in a special room. If a golfer wins the event more than once, he uses the same green jacket that he was given for his first win – unless, of course, it no longer fits. Nicklaus, who won the masters six times, wore his jacket the most. Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods each won four times and five other golfers have won three Augusta titles.

The  green jacket dates back to the first year it was awarded, 1949. However, in 1937, members of the club wore green jackets to stand out in the crowd. Somehow it became a tradition in 1949 to hand the jacket out as an award. The Augusta Club then retroactively awarded green jackets to former winners.

While Brooks Brothers made the first Green Jacket, they have been made by a host of others since then. However, no matter who makes the jacket, the fabric must be from the same place in Dublin, GA, and must be the same color: Pantone 342.