AparaDisiac.com Review

AparaDisiac.com Review

In this Aparadisiac.com review we’re going to take a look at a Rolex replica bought off these guys, one that didn’t receive much attention from me in the past, a Rolex DeepSea Dweller. Many people look at it as “just another Submariner”, but in truth, the DeepSea Dweller has its own personality and I dare non-believers to disagree.

Quality: Are These Watches Any Good?


The last two Rolex DeepSea replica watches before this one were absolute disasters! (see this mallwatch.co.uk review and this scorpionwatch.com review)

This one however, comes to soothe my wrist and to break the streak of bad luck I had lately. From the way it looks, to the way it feels on my wrist, this Rolex replica is nothing but great.
Like most Rolex replicas, this one too is powered by an automatic movement, one that does its job in an excellent manner.

I wish you could feel my enthusiasm as you’re reading this, because I am really pleased to see that great replicas exist on the market, if you know where to get them.

The Site: Usability and Design

I always enjoy shopping here and one of the reasons is the way the whole website works. The first page has a simple design that looks great, making you feel welcomed. If you guys wonder why I keep talking about the way a certain website looks, the reason is simple – if the seller is professional and serious about what he’s doing, he will invest time in making his website look great. Aparadisiac.com is, without a doubt, one of the most professional sites out there.

Another thing that I love about this site is the real customer feedback that can be seen under their replica watches (some have it, some not), instead of those phony “testimonials” you see everywhere.

Service: Is Their Staff Any Good?

Yes, their staff is good. Professional, to be exact. I think Aparadisiac.com is the only website that can be reached over the phone. You can also get in touch through the live chat feature or email, but I’m … old school, let’s say, I prefer to speak, that’s what humans do.

Before purchasing this Rolex replica, I made a few inquiries about it (about the movement to be exact) and the customer support guy was nice and helpful, I’ve even got a 20% discount thanks to this guy, as he informed me of an ongoing promotion.

Shipping: Is It Fast and Reliable?

I paid $22 for the shipping and received the Rolex replica in a little under two weeks.

Return Policy: Is It Reasonable?

I didn’t have any reason to return this Rolex DeepSea replica, but from past experience, it is reasonable.

Instead of the standard 14 days, you get 30 days to get in touch and inform these guys about your issue. You can also return your watch if you simply don’t like it.

The Bottom Line

To sum up this Aparadisiac.com review, I’m glad to see that professionalism exists in this industry and I have this Rolex DeepSea replica to prove it.