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My First Promotional Article – Get 50% Off on Replica Watches

Guys, I didn’t think I’d be getting this kind of news and opportunity in the replica watches world any time soon but here it is and what other way to celebrate it than sharing it with you?

I just got an e-mail this morning from perfectwatches.cn stating that they’re giving me 50 promotional codes for their website. You can imagine that I was thrilled! Reading on I found out that I just got 50 promo codes on the entire website (excepting their Swiss movements). Codes are valid on any payment method which is pretty damn good. I never got such a deal on this website even when I purchased fake watches and paid through Western Union.

Codes have a 2 weeks life span which means they’re good to use before October 30th. Now here’s the good part… having such a short life span I decided to keep 25 discount codes for myself and some of my friends and family because they’re more than enough for 2 weeks anyways and to give away the 25 left to you guys. You will need to participate a little to this giveaway so I’ll tell you how you can get your code in here.

50% off on watches

50% off on watches

Here are all the details I got in the e-mail from them – excepting the codes part of course…

“Hello James,

www.aparadisiac.cn congratulates you on being one of our top buyers! Because we value our customers we decided to reward your loyalty with 50 coupon codes of 50% OFF one item. These are the rules of this promotion:

  • coupon is valid for only one use on http://www.aparadisiac.cn/
  • coupon is not valid with other ongoing promotions on
  • http://www.aparadisiac.cn/
  • coupon will automatically calculate a 50% price discount on the most expensive item in the cart
  • coupon will apply for all payment methods
  • coupon does not apply to the shipping costs
  • coupon does not apply to our Swiss watches
  • all coupons expire October 30 2013

Coupon codes are:

Thank you for your business. We hope you will use all your coupons before the expiration date and still be a part of our most valuable customer list.



perfectwatches.cn Team”


What more can I say?! I think this is a great opportunity for us to dig into some really good quality fake watches ! Now here’s how I’ll be giving those 25 discount codes away:

  1. Right after I publish this article I’ll be writing down the last e-mail address that subscribed to my newsletter list.
  2. I’ll be waiting for you to subscribe your e-mail address to my newsletter list.
  3. I’ll e-mail out the 25 codes one by one to the first 25 new e-mail addresses that show up after the one I wrote down.

Basically starting now you have to be in the first 25 people that subscribe to my newsletter in the “Join My Newsletter” field on the right hand side. Hurry up or take your time, either way make sure you get your code in time so you can use it!

I hope to get all codes out and help some of you get some really good prices on some really good quality replica watches. Once you get your code in the e-mail you can link your favorite watches in whatever article comments and I can take a look at them to give you my thoughts on what’s a really good buy.

I’m so glad I could make this happen, let’s see now how it works!


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