[Watch House 2015 Basel] world-renowned Basel International Jewellery & Watch Fair (BASELWORLD) has opened the watch in front of home mission staff has also been reported to work, they will bring you the 2015 Basel International Jewellery & Watch exhibition of the latest, fastest, most comprehensive coverage. Here follow the footsteps of the watch house to enjoy some of the current International Jewellery & Watch Fair in Basel, Blancpain launched the new heart of the ocean · Patek Philippe replica bathyscaphs Bathyscaphe Flyback Chronograph.

Watch the whole show real shot:

Case diameter is 43 mm

Watch with gray ceramic case

Equipped with unidirectional rotating bezel, decorated with liquid metal scale on the bezel

Bathyscaphe called legendary for watch brand Blancpain. In 1953, the Fifty Fathoms dive watch listed officially put into operation; three years after the introduction of a smaller diameter, suitable for everyday wear Bathyscaphe diving watch. Over the years, Bathyscaphe watches have been following the pace of evolving Fifty Fathoms and became legendary Fifty Fathoms series integral part of a major. Today,Breitling replica  the “heart of the ocean · bathyscaphs Bathyscaphe Flyback Chronographfully inherited the family classic elements to create this full-featured diving chronograph; In addition, the watch diameter of only 43 mm, less than five ten Fathoms watch case diameter core.

Watch real shot to show details:

F385 Blancpain watch equipped with automatic winding mechanical movement returned to time

Blancpain watches equipped with the latest flyback chronograph movement F385. Built-column-wheel chronograph replica breitling movement device, vibration frequency of up to 5 Hz (36,000 cycles / hour), returning to the interval tenths of a second, is ideal timing returned. Furthermore, F385 movement also uses anti-magnetic silicon springs, while achieving the same performance excellence diamagnetic, but also to the movement to get rid of soft iron inner case of limited caught with sapphire crystal back through and make the complex beauty of the movement was . Blancpain 2006 with the launch of the all-new built-in movement, like 33, F385 movement is also equipped with omega replica watches a free sprung balance wheel, and with gold trimming screw, in order to achieve accurate watch inertia adjustment for wrist Table bring a more robust performance and more precise adjustment operation.

Summary: Blancpain launched a new “heart of the ocean · bathyscaphs Bathyscaphe Flyback Chronograph”, is the first booster “Blancpain Blancpain heart of the ocean” philanthropy limited edition diving watch, IWC replica every shopping list who are Blancpain will become the heart of the ocean in a circle. The watch will be on sale 250, which each sold a watch, Blancpain will donate € 1,000 donation to support scientific expeditions. The total donation of EUR 250,000 sale proceeds will be put together tables to Blancpain continued support for the public good in the ocean.