In 1996, Gao became popular for his role in the qing mouth girl in advertising. The next few years, she took a lot of advertising, has become the domestic well-known model. Now she is China’s hottest line actress, and is active in all areas. In 2011, Gao because her spirit of fashion, health, challenging individuality, win the favor of fiyta, signed on as fiyta Breitling watches. In 2012, Gao wore fiyta Breitling watches into the Milan fashion week shows, all show the queen aura. This conference, Gao wore fiyta photographer series clovers wrist watch snake limited, and the wrist watch sexy, smart, fashionable and elegant design concept replica Breitling Watches is behaved incisively and vividly!

Since “Let’s get married” broadcast, Yuanyuan Gao became a hot topic once again, this has been called facial features are very excellent actress, besides has the enviable beauty, also has an intellectual elegant temperament. In this TV, whether acting fair maiden, workplace OL, leisure style, Gao always wear a cheap replica Breitling delicate Breitling watches, it adds a lot of charming and self-confidence for the ripe female image. For Gao always wearing a watch in the play, everyone would like to know whether Gao what wear watches in the play? The following will tell us.

“Let’s get married” TV series “girls”, 30, carambola (Gao act the role in emotional stumbled on the road, also perfect interpretation of “carambola” the role of forthright and sincere, persistent pursuit of love.In the TV play, let’s get married, Gao wear Breitling watches are fiyta endorsement by her own wrist watch brand. In the play, Gao different costumes worn by the different occasions fiyta Breitling watches style is more,replica Breitling so small make up to choose one in the play one of the relatively high for everybody introduction, if there is no guess correctly, small make up in below “let’s get married” is worn by the carambola fiyta heart series quartz L590. GWWD white female table.
Lady Breitling Cockpit Japanese Quartz Two Tone Strap White Dial
The Fiyta heartstrings series L590.GWWD white watches are full fruity modeling, and shapes are like a full moon, at the same time into the desire of life. These Breitling watches are made of shells disk, you can use the shell on the dial, Breitling Watches often after many years of growth, and through the craftsmen’s screening, grinding, to form the wrist as change of colorful clouds. Gold-plated hands shows designers’ inventive mind, and is graceful and restrained beauty. White leather strap is light and thin, soft texture, closer to the skin.

Series the fiyta heartstrings L590, white Breitling watches e looks like filling of aromatic, whispering the most gentle of feeling in woman heart, just like “let’s get married” the carambola, wearing these kinds of Breitling watches, become elegant and fashionable, like the carambola said you are in the autumn,best replica Breitling have the most beautiful life and elegant mature female glamour.

Gao also have a special love to watches, especially her own endorsement of fiyta watch, almost every important occasion she choose a favorite fiyta to match her own clothes.