What are these dials, touch or not, proposing to make the connection with our smartphones or even completely replace them? Answer in our comparison that identifies our watches connected testing, or “smartwatches”.

pebble-steel-profil-on.jpgAfter several attempts, rather scattered and never really followed in recent years, the show has become connected for a few months one of high-tech products the most prominent. Everyone puts almost it and where almost everyone has a clean vision: Simple wireless accessory of a smartphone to display notifications, intelligent extension of the latter with a lot of interaction or real smartphone wrist fully autonomous, there are almost as many “smartwatches” that manufacturers that stick to it.


In this comparison, so you will find whatever it will be possible to test in the field, the Bluetooth accessory to the  cheap Breitling replica minimum display to show Android 3G with integrated camera, € 49 to over € 300. A market for connected watches, if there were only very few products in 2013 should be reflected strong references to dozens of by the end of 2014.

pebble-steel-btn-push.jpgComfort, weight, battery, connectivity, ergonomics, ease of use, we try to make our watches connected tests, which will be replica Rolex uk centralized in this dedicated comparison, the most comprehensive available.