Since its founding in 1955, the Kunlun Take the time to create a unique and creative excellence in terms of brand. 2015, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the brand, was founded before the beginning of the Kunlun inherit the rolex daytona replica spirit of philosophy, specially designed to launch the Admiral’s Cup Legend 42 Tourbillon flight, re-build complex features rolex Cellini replica advanced watchmaking image, so this watch both but also very practical features far-reaching significance.

Tourbillon device began in the nineteenth century, was originally designed to improve the accuracy of travel time watch, and have now become the Swiss micro-mechanical ingenuity original manifestation, or it is no exaggeration to say that is the industry’s most prestigious complex functions. Tourbillon precious predicament, only occasionally able to see the thin destined to enjoy a particular occasion. Kunlun rolex Day Date replica unique ingenious idea to launch the Admiral’s Cup Legend 42 Tourbillon flight in order to change this for the traditional concept of the tourbillon. The Admiral’s Cup Legend 42 Flying Tourbillon wrist watch can be carefully crafted masterpiece, crafted as a senior tabulation also durable, loyal companionship replique montre wearer wonderful time to enjoy every day.

In order to ensure sufficient flexibility tourbillon frame mounted on ceramic ball bearings to increase, traditional soft brass cleats and stainless steel substrate has been replaced, the movement designer With the strength and hardness of this material floating floating tourbillon achieve extraordinary replica watches vision effect. The substrate and the splint at four o’clock in the movement on both sides and eight o’clock, Tourbillon seems suspended in mid-air, but in fact the two are connected by slender steel arm movement plywood.

Through smoked sapphire glass, watching to see the exquisite fine decorative ruled on the substrate and nine o’clock positions Kunlun gilded red logo. Reverse date again is relying on disk cam control display window, rolex replica watches with each passing day, the pointer will be a grid retrograde until the end of the 31st, then to jump directly back to the “1″ position, marking a new beginning in January.

From the bottom of the table can also enjoy panoramic views over the movement, the traditional pendulum Tuo will block the tourbillon, this Admiral’s Cup Legend 42 Tourbillon Built flight CO 016 movement, with pearl Tuo, the above is also decorated with engraved 18K red gold Kunlun logo. Pearl Tuo diameter of only 17 mm, but with the double-chain efficiency, mainspring power reserve of up to 72 hours,replica cartier watches  while for the tourbillon movement and provide power operation, this is a remarkable technical achievement. We can also experience more extreme beauty of the tiny details of this watch. Impose a screw balance spring edge rivets, not only has the symmetrical beauty, you can also adjust the balance weight distribution. In addition, the use of hollow needle on replique montre the dial hours gilt design, elegant red gold hands against the background of the dial in smoked recognizable excellent, intricate and convenient and practical.

But to say that can truly reflect the Admiral’s Cup series historical heritage, but also the number 12 as the standard scale omega replica watches surface navigation banner, red and gold to create the 12-gon case with echoes. This watch diameter 42 mm, thickness 13 mm, water resistant up to 50 meters, while elegant performance is also very strong.