Rolex Day-Date Replica – Photo Review

Here’s one of my older replica watches photo review from the old blog. This is a Rolex Day-Date replica watch that my dad wears out constantly and is very fond of.

To the day this watch works great, stylish and simple, does not make a big bang but still looks amazing.

Rolex Day-Date replica watch
Rolex Day-Date replica watch

The stainless steel case and bracelet are of really good quality and the weight of the watch is good. This one has a Japanese automatic movement that has been so far reliable and precise. Maybe the sweeping seconds hand should be a little bit smoother but I’m not that focused on these details as I’m way more interested in the overall aspect of this fake watch and its lifetime. All the details on the dial look just right, it has the Rolex engravings on the inner circle behind the scratch-proof crystal with the magnified date.

Markings are all well cloned inside the dial. The Rolex replica logo is also present on the folding clasp and it’s also laser engraved on the crystal at 6 o’clock. This is the closest blue dial Day-Date to the genuine piece that I’ve seen for some time now and I’m really happy to show it to you as a benchmark. Don’t go anywhere below this as it will not bring you joy. Go with this or higher if you want satisfaction. Time is kept well, day and date windows change without getting stuck, power reserve of over 24 hours and good condition stainless steel case. I’m really impressed with this one specially when I don’t really trust my father taking the best care of it. Here are some more photos, enjoy.

Rolex Day-Date blue dial watch overview
Rolex Day-Date blue dial watch overview
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