I’ve always wanted to own a beautiful Rolex Replica Explorer like this one and since I was a teenager I dreamt about wearing such a beautiful watch. I used to picture myself wearing a nice suit with this amazing watch and working for a big company. Nowadays, I do work for a pretty big company but I don’t really want to spend a fortune on a watch, so I think that having an amazing replica is good enough for me. I loved the fact that this particular replica came with an OK price and it looked really well in the pictures. So I ordered. I was very impressed with the ordering process as I was contacted in just a few hours by the PR department asking me some details about my address, which is a little weird and makes people confused all the time. Fortunately, we managed to clear anything that might have interfered with the delivery and they sent my package the next day. I was very impressed with the delivery time because it only took one week for my package to arrive, although I expected it to come in 10 days or so. When it arrived, I was also extremely happy about what I found inside. The watch looked just like the original, and again, I didn’t expect this to be a very good transaction because I thought the real watch didn’t look just like in the pictures.Replica-Explorer-II-1


What I love most about this watch is the fact that it has some interesting colored accents on its beautiful white background, and I thought these would be more visible on the original, but the replica looks really amazing when it comes to this aspect. Also, there seems to be this lovely classic style to it that manages to be incorporated in the replica I received also. I love the fact that the replica manages to have the same colors when it comes to its metal just like the original watch. A lot of times I’ve seen watches that looked very different, the metal was darker or sometimes even whiter which made the watches look fake. However, the metal on this watch looks very well made and it also has a nice feel on the wrist, not to mention the fact that this watch is also very comfortable.Replica-Explorer-II-3


When it comes to the customer care, I was very impressed, the emails I got were polite, they knew how to communicate and every issue was resolved pretty fast so in the end I managed to get my desired watch in a few days. I’ve bought watches in the past and I was always disappointed when it came to this aspect because many times the person dealing with the customers didn’t know how to communicate or didn’t answer my questions properly, so I was pretty afraid that this time it would happen the same. But it didn’t and I’m happy I managed to get my cool watch in the end. So, overall this was a great experience.