Always drawn to the more vintage of the Rolex replicas? Well, to be honest with you, looking at the current replica Rolex watches collection out there I think that most pieces are still vintage. I mean, your average good quality Rolex replica regardless of the model will still look like a watch that was extremely popular and cutting edge 20 or more years ago. We’re just so used to them that we don’t even realize this most times.
This is where I think that this replica Rolex watch, the GMT Master II Pepsi (blue and red) bezel falls into.

Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi bezel replica watch

Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi bezel replica watch

Yup, it’s that bezel that totally brings out the vintage feel in this piece. This particular piece though has a more classic and sporty vintage feel than most of the other fake Rolex watches. It’s just the feeling it gets me when I look at it. Black dial is clean and it has all the good markings, markers and hands.

The GMT function works just like on the original and you can set it from the first crown position. Turn the crown counter-clock and you move the GMT hand. Turn it clock-wise and you set the date. Japanese automatic movement sweeps the seconds hand nicely so it’s all good and solid from this point of view.

Case is brushed and polished and so is the bracelet. Back case has the old green hologram Rolex sticker that only adds to these by now vintage looks. Weight is good and it’s just such a fun and easy piece to wear. This is the kind of an everyday watch that you can literally sleep with because it’ll most probably match over 90% of your outfits.

Press play on the video below and let me know your thoughts on it. This is for me one of the best Rolex replica old school style I got to review on my blog out of all the Rolex fake watches in here.