Skin tone, size key factors in choice of Rolex


BEIRUT: When buying a Rolex, lifestyle clearly plays a role when choosing a style, but skin tone and size of the wrist are also important factors that should be considered in making a selection, experts said Thursday.

The Chronora Rolex boutique in Downtown Beirut has partnered with The Agenda Beirut, an informal educational group that gives lectures and workshops on the arts, lifestyle, luxury and society, to offer a how-to guide on approaching the purchase of what for some people constitutes one of the most highly coveted luxury items – a Rolex watch.

(The Daily Star/Khalil Hassan)

“Rolex wants to educate its customers about their watch purchases, and we at The Agenda are known for organizing educational luxury workshops. This collaboration hopes to educate and introduce interested clients rolex submariner replica to the world of Rolex through our experts’ one-on-one consultations,” Tony Abou Ghazaly, founder of The Agenda Beirut, told The Daily Star.

A private event was held Thursday morning that gave The Agenda’s female students a chance to meet with two acclaimed styling experts: Mandy Merheb, head of the fashion and beauty departments at Jamalouki magazine; and Amine Jreissaty, freelance stylist and previous head of fashion at Marie Claire Arabia magazine.

The event was hosted at the Rolex shop at 11 Weygand Street which is the only Rolex boutique in the world to offer its clients a salon experience.

As a big and tall girl I used to think that big watches look better on my wrist. I turned out to be totally wrong! It’s actually not small but medium-sized watches that suit me best

The Agenda’s students learned how to shop for their preferred watch, with the salon’s library giving the ladies an opportunity to acquaint themselves with Rolex’s history.

“The aim today is not selling,” Irene Stephanidou Annan, director at Chronora, official distributors of Rolex in Lebanon, told The Daily Star.

“We wish to educate future clients and hope to change perceptions of people who want to buy a Rolex,” she said.

She added that people in Lebanon have become more mature consumers. “When we first opened in Beirut on Allenby Street in 2004, people didn’t know the reason behind their purchase other than swiss replica watches that they wanted to own a Rolex.”

“We are trying to guide the ladies here today with the Rolex watch that best fits their lifestyle. It also has to fit their identity and personality,” Merheb told The Daily Star.

“We explain to them things like skin tone and undertone colors, and how the size of their wrists also shapes the size of the watch,” she added.

“I guide them further to help them make their final choice. Narrowing down the selections made with Mandy, we can finally choose a watch that fits their personality and skin tone,” Jreissaty told The Daily Star.

“The ladies are going to be wearing this watch every day. The Rolex watch is not a piece of jewelry! I am helping them see the watch differently.”

(The Daily Star/Khalil Hassan)

The Agenda’s students seemed pleased by the joint effort. “As a big and tall girl I used to think that big watches look better on my wrist. I turned out to be totally wrong! It’s actually not small but medium-sized watches that suit me best,” a happy Pamela Ramy said.

Annan said she hoped to host more events in the future. “This is hopefully one of many events to come. Possibly we would like to host a similar event for men, so they will know their Rolex, as well, before they make a purchase.”


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